By means of a certain department and because we cut vertically instead of horizontally, we immediately create a nice volume and air in your curls so that your curls can dance and move freely again.
In addition, we have THE unique product that actually brings curls under control, but also ensures that control is maintained at home.
During a first appointment you get a free intake talk, because we want to understand your curls. We will cover the following points:

  • What your curls need in terms of care
  • How to wear your curls
  • What are you up against
  • Do you do a lot of sport so that you can wear your hair tight (because of short top length)
  • What do you expect from your curls

We will teach you how to manage your curls and give you the ins and outs about them.
We dry cut the length that we determine together. This is because we can then determine what the final length will be that you want. So it never gets too short because of curls that curl up after the haircut.
Afterwards, we provide a treatment in which we show you how to best care for your curls at home.

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